The Teatro Concha Segura in Yecla
This central theatre in Yecla dates from the 1880s The current Teatro Concha Segura was built between 1886 and 1887 and occupies the spot on which the former Pósito de Labradores grain store was located.  The theatre..

The former Casino of Yecla, now the municipal music school
The Casino was a hub of sociocultural life in Yecla prior to the Spanish Civil War This 19th century building was constructed under the supervision of architect Justo Millán Espinosa, who drew up the plans in 1888 and is..

The church of San Francisco and the chapel of the Virgen de las Angustias in Yecla
Franciscan monks built the church in Yecla with their own hands over 400 years ago The restored church of San Francisco in Yecla and the Chapel of the Virgen de las Angustias, which is an annex of the main building, stand..

The Lonja of Yecla - the old meat and fish market converted into an auditorium
The Lonja stands on the site of part of the old grain store in the Plaza Mayor of Yecla The municipal auditorium of Yecla occupies the building formerly known as the “Lonja”, or fish and meat market, although in its long..

Auditorio municipal Yecla
The Auditorio Juan Miguel Benedito Rodríguez in Yecla The structure currently used as the Auditorio Municipal of Yecla was inaugurated in 1983 following restoration of the building from its previous role as the municipal..