The Fiestas Patronales in Yecla in December
The Patron Saint’s Fiestas are held in Yecla during the second week of December The patron saint’s fiestas in Yecla, which take place every year starting on 5th December, are the continuation of a tradition which began..

The annual February fiestas of San Blas in Yecla
Blessed bread to ward off throat infections as Lorca celebrates a centuries-old tradition! The fiestas of San Blas are one of the oldest surviving traditions in Yecla, dating back to at least the 16th century, and take place..

The annual Fiestas of San Isidro every May in Yecla
The mid-May fiestas feature folk dancing, music and the famous parade of floats made from quilled paper Every year in mid-May in Yecla, reflecting the town’s agricultural heritage, the local fiestas are celebrated in honour..

The annual January fiestas of San Antonio Abad in Yecla
Blessings of domestic animals, bonfires, processions and warming rustic bread with oil to warm the winter nights in Yecla! All over Spain the Saint’s Day of San Anton Abad or San Antonio Abad (Anthony the Great in English..

The annual September fair and fairground in Yecla
Two weeks of live entertainment and fairground attractions after the long hot summer in Yecla The origins of the Feria de Septiembre in Yecla can be traced back to the reign of Felipe V (1700-24), when the town was granted..

The Romería of San Marcos in Yecla on or close to April 25
Yecla welcomes the spring with a day of merry-making at Cerrico de la Fuente The annual Romería of Marcos in Yecla takes place on the Sunday nearest to the feast day of the Saint on 25th April, and is a very popular event..