The Basilica de la Purisima in Yecla
Construction of the “Iglesia Nueva” in Yecla took a hundred years The Basílica Arciprestal de la Purísima is the most important church and the most emblematic building of Yecla in the north of the Region of Murcia, and..

A history of Yecla
The story behind the development of Yecla in the Altiplano area of Murcia The history of Yecla is a long and complex one, with historians still struggling to fill in the many gaps in a story of which long parts are missing..

The Arco de los Reyes Catolicos and the shrine to San Blas in Yecla
Traditions date back to the late Middle Ages at these historic Yecla monuments On the south-eastern edge of Yecla, next to the hill on which the remains of the castle and the Santuario del Castillo stand, is a small and..

Los Torrejones Roman archaeological site in Yecla
This large Roman villa in Los Torrejones oversaw a large agricultural concern in Yecla 2,000 years ago The archaeological site of Los Torrejones is 3 kilometres east of the town of Yecla, in the north of the Region of Murcia..

The Palacio de los Alarcos in the Plaza Mayor of Yecla
A 16th century palatial residence built in Yecla by an important noble family The Palacio de los Alarcos is one of the historic baroque and Renaissance buildings which stand around the Plaza Mayor in Yecla, and was built..