The Hotel Casa Boquera and restaurant in the Yecla countryside
Beautiful accommodation and a fine restaurant in the vineyards of Casa Boquera in Yecla Casa Boquera is situated in the middle of a vineyard with the accommodation distributed around a private garden with a swimming pool and..

Monte Arabí in Yecla - prehistoric rock art and a multitude of legends
Rock art at the sites in Yecla show several different periods of Prehistoric rock art The archaeological sites at the mystic mountain of Monte Arabí in the municipality of Yecla are considered among the most important in..

Bodegas Castaño affiliated to the Yecla Wine Route
Arguably the most important winery in the D.O. Yecla area Start to research the wines of Yecla and there are two words which recur again and again; Monastrell and Castaño. Bodegas Familia Castaño is synonymous with wine..

Monte Arabí tourist information point in the Yecla countryside
Discover the legends and mysteries of Monte Arabí in Yecla The tourist information point of Monte Arabí in the municipality of Yecla, very close to the boundary between the Region of Murcia and the province of Albacete..

Free camper van park in Yecla
The Yecla facility is equipped for grey and black water disposal and other services The Área de Servicio de Autocaravanas on the southern edge of the town of Yecla is just a 25-minute walk from the Plaza Mayor and the centre..

Nazario livestock farm affiliated to the Yecla Wine Route
A bull rearing ranch on the road between Yecla and Almansa The Yecla Wine Route is proud to count among its affiliates the Ganadería Nazario, a livestock ranch specializing in the rearing of bulls for the spectacle of bullfighting..

July 6 Yecla Beneath the Stars, a free guided walk on Monte Arabi
Enjoy the mystic mountain of Yecla under the night sky of summer Guided walks on and around the mystical mountain of Monte Arabí in Yecla, in the north of the Region of Murcia, are always extremely popular, and this summer..

The village of Raspay in Yecla
A small rural community in the south of Yecla favoured by residents from northern Europe Raspay is a small village on the Yecla side of the boundary between the Region of Murcia and the province of Alicante, with an official..

Bodegas La Purísima affiliated to Yecla Wine Route
The largest wine producer in the D.O. Yecla area Bodegas La Purísima is one of the largest bodegas in the Region of Murcia and the 800 agriculturalists who grow and produce its wine own 60% of the entire production capacity..

Almazara Deortegas olive oil affiliated to the Yecla Wine Route
Organic extra virgin olive oil in Yecla Although the name of Yecla is synonymous with wine it is also home to significant olive oil production, and visitors are welcome to either visit the Deortegas olive oil mill or sample..

Bodegas Evine winery affiliated to the Yecla Wine Route
100% ecological family-run winery supporting the Ruta del Vino de Yecla Bodegas Evine is an ecological family-run winery operating under the Denominación de Origen de Yecla (D.O. Yecla) which produces small volumes of wine..

The Cerro de la Fuente picnic and barbecue area just outside Yecla
A popular getaway spot for town dwellers getting out into the country of Yecla for the day The Cerro de la Fuente barbecue area and beauty spot a few kilometres outside Yecla is one of the most popular destinations for locals..

The Yecla Valora walkway route on the castle hill on the southern edge of the town
Fabulous views in the countryside on the wooden pasarelas or footbridges of Yecla The “Yecla Valora” project is one of the most ambitious and original undertaken in recent years by the Town Hall of Yecla, taking in unique..

Barbecues closed for the summer at Cerro de la Fuente in Yecla
The risk of wildfires brings about the annual summer closure of barbecue facilities The popular public barbecues at Cerro de la Fuente just outside Yecla are closing for the summer during the months of June, July, August and..

Bodegas Barahonda winery affiliated to the Yecla Wine Route
The main labels of Bodegas Barahonda are Barahonda, Carro, Heredad, Candela, Lualma and Summum Bodegas Barahonda offers a complete package for those who enjoy not only learning about and appreciating the different nuances..

A great walk up the castle hill of Yecla and through the old town
An easy and healthy way to walk through the history of Yecla! This pleasant 5.2-kilometre walking route in Yecla takes around an hour and a quarter and includes a climb up the Cerro de Castillo, where the sanctuary and the..